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Pump Tracks, Dirt Tracks, or Freestyle

BMX bikes have a special place in our hearts as cyclists. Our generation has turned average BMX biking into amazing x-game sports, beautiful freestyle tricks, and eloquent ramp jumping to name a few.  This is why we carry some of the most rare, cool, unique Racing and Freestyle BMX bikes in Central Texas. 

We have one of the largest selection of rare Redline racing bikes, 2Hip bikes, GT bikes and much more. Whether you're into riding street tracks, dirt tracks, or jumping ramps, we've got the bike that fits your style. 

Where Do You Ride?

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BMX Bikes For Sale

Intense Junior XL BMX Racer

Intense Junior XL BMX Race Bike

Intense Junior XL BMX Racer Original bike in new condition. Super light and agile frame ready to tear up any ride. 

Redline Proline PRO

Authentic Redline Proline PRO. This racer can fly with its ultra light frame and components. New Con

Authentic Redline Proline PRO BMX racer bike. This racer is ready to rip any dirt track.  


Redline PROLINE MX Racer BMX Bike

This Proline Redline Racer reflects the dual red strips through out the bike assuring any rider its riding time. 

2 Hip Bikes BAZZLE BMX

2 Hip Bikes BAZZLE BMX Bike

True cycling enthusiasts will know 2 Hip Bikes. These bikes were a limited series production that took the BMX scene by storm. 

Redline Mega X BMX bike

Redline Mega X BMX bike

This beefy Redline is built to take on the most extreme BMXers'. Dirt, Paved, or ramps, this bike is made to ride. 

Summit Freestyle BMX bike

Summit Freestyle BMX bike

This Summit Freestyle BMX bike was the epiphany of BXM freestyling. One might say its Radical. 

2 Hip Bikes MACK BMX

2 Hip Bikes BMX

Another 2 Hip Bike. These BMX bikes are perfect for any rider of any experience level. Truly a great ride for any BMX enthusiast. 

Redline Flight Expert BMX Racer.

Redline Flight Expert BMX Racer.

An Original REDLINE Flight Expert BMX racer. This bike was made to fly through the competition when racing. Super light with high end carbon components. 

Redline Proline Mini BMX Racer

Redline Redline Proline Mini BMX Racer.

Hold on and let the bike take you for a ride. This original Redline Proline MINI BMX racer was made to be agile and light for speed. 

Redline MX MINI 6061-TS Racer

Redline MX MINI 6061-TS Racer.

An original Redline MX MINI BMX Racer. These bikes dominated the BMX racing scene for years. Made for speed and built to last. 

Questions on Cost and Specifications on these Bikes

Feel Free to drop by the shop, call or email us for the costs or information of any of these awesome bikes.